7 Overused Blog Habits That Look Amateurish

by Marian Schembari on April 6, 2011

Guess what time it is? Oh yes, Marian-bitches-about-something-on-the-interwebs-but-turns-it-into-a-list-so-it-looks-useful time. I think I do this enough to turn it into a feature.

Regardless, I read A LOT of blogs. Blogs about blogging, food blogs, design blogs, personal blogs, fitness blogs, gardening blogs… Many have millions of readers. Some only have five or six. And while many smaller sites will abso-freaking-lutely take off, you can always tell a newbie from a pro, and not because of the design or content. No, newbies often make such basic, ridiculous mistakes it makes readers never want to come back.  So here are the six habits I see over and over, making any blogger look like they have no idea what they’re doing:

Habit #1: The Introduction

About page saying, “Hi, I’m Bob.” Just get into it please? Or, even worse…

About pages starting off in the third person then joking about how lame it is to write in the third person when it’s obvious who’s writing it, then switching to the first person. This was funny the first time. And I remember the first time. I did a little chuckle. But then I started reading it on a dozen other blogs and it started getting old. Raise your hand if you’ve seen this neat little trick? It’s 100% clever and hilarious the 16th time, isn’t it? [insert sarcasm here]

Habit #2: The Contact Info

Few people start blogs simply to write – there’s a reason blogging is public. We have journals for journaling, so you either want to chronicle a journey friends and family can read, promote a business and/or share what you love with the world. Whatever your reasoning, you need a way for people to get in touch. Mostly because so many fabulous opportunities come your way when you blog – interviews, books, features, jobs… Just read the backlog of jargon-free interviews to see amazing things that have happened simply because people have put themselves out there.

If you’re adamant you only  blog for yourself, fine. But what if you write something someone doesn’t like? Or you’ve used an image you weren’t supposed to use? Posting contact information makes sure you don’t make any silly legal mistakes.

Habit #3: The Navigation Menu

I know you want to stand out, and part of this post rags on bloggers who look like replicas of each other, but a navigation menu is like a table of contents or index in a book. Why-oh-why would you make it difficult for people to find their way around?

I’ve seen bloggers play with the title of their about page and instead of calling it “About” they say “Me” or “What’s Up?” These are okay because it’s sort of obvious, but I’ve seen some of the most random titles for an about page that not only confuses the reader, but results in a lot of random clicking around, eventually leading to clicking out of the blog entirely.

Habit #4: The Share Buttons

You NEED to make your content shareable. Or else, guess what? No one will share it. Problem is, too many new bloggers add 50,000 buttons to their posts. One of the button sets that puts me into a fierce rage is the one that expands when you hover over it. Because some times they won’t close or they block the content and way too often slow down your site.

Pick three to four buttons and MAKE SURE THEY WORK. Half the time these epic share bars don’t function when you click. Or, they take you to Twitter, with only the long link in the comment field. Meaning you still need to shorten the link, copy the headline, find the person’s Twitter handle… It’s a frustrating process that means your content simply won’t get shared.

Habit #5: The Links

I’ve found an interesting phenomenon with linking – new bloggers and massive bloggers (like news sites) won’t link out. I guess the beginners are too worried readers will leave their blog, but I bet most of them either don’t know how to link or don’t see the value. The bigger blogs don’t need to link out and are also scared of losing traffic. It’s interesting. (I’m I the only one who’s fascinated by people who don’t link?) For more on why linking is so important, read this ancient post on getting over it.

Habit #6: The Apology

It’s shocking how many new bloggers post something along the lines of “Well, I haven’t posted in a while” or “Sorry it’s been so long!” Do you EVER see professional blogs do this? Or even those Hit Personal Blogs? No. You don’t.

Why? First of all, hit blogs don’t get neglected. But it’s also because a) it sounds like you think the world has been waiting with bated breath for your next post and b) it calls your inconsistency to attention. Both show you in a negative light.

Habit #7: The Musings

Musings. Ramblings. Observations. Or, even worse, naming your blog after Eat, Pray, Love. I’ve mentioned this before, but I’m baffled people keep doing this.

Here’s all I’m going to say about this:

1. Define your niche. “Musings” isn’t a niche unless you’re totally okay with only your mom and Auntie Barb reading it.

2. Be a little more creative. Please. If I see one more blog repeating this pattern I might scream. Or call their hosting company.

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  • http://twitter.com/marisabirns Marisa Birns

    Oh, absolutely yes! I have always disliked “musings” or “rantings” or whatever other “ings” people think up. And, no apologies needed…

    You certainly give very good advice. :)

    • http://marianlibrarian.com Marian Schembari

      Thanks Marisa! Glad I’m not the only one…

  • http://jameyandclaire.com Claire Lenenski

    Ha, gotta give myself a pat on the back. I believe I’ve managed to dodge all of the above for the right way to do it, even though my blog is essentially an overblown musings page.

    Thanks for this info – always good to keep in mind, whether blogging professionally or leisurely.

    • http://marianlibrarian.com Marian Schembari

      High five! And it’s okay to have a blog that’s filled with musings (what do you think this blog is?) but there’s no reason to highlight you don’t have a niche. Plus, it’s important to stand out from the crowd in this highly saturated market. Hence, don’t say you muse!!

  • http://www.jargonwriter.com Melissa Breau

    I think you should call this series of rants and such “Marian’s Musings” — jk.

    I know you’ve covered it before, but I think there is a really failure of newbie bloggers to understand the power of a good about page. They think it’ll be the easiest page on the site to write, then find it’s actually incredibly difficult and end up putting up something that just doesn’t sell them or their content the way that it could. I play with my about pages CONSTANTLY. I just redid the one for my freelancing website, because I came up with something that packed more punch in fewer words (want to see? http://www.melissabreau.com).

    And while you added a disclaimer at the beginning that you weren’t going to talk about design, I’m going to go there. Pick a theme people! Something that’s not blogger’s default. Because that’s fug-ly. One of the best blogs I’ve read on writing in a long time happens to use a blogger platform and is totally unprofessional (even though she has written countless books on the subject)–and I wince every time I go to her site. Her content is incredible; but i try to avoid visiting her website unless I have to and read her posts in my blog reader instead.

    Also, get a comment system that doesn’t ask me to jump through hoops to comment. One of the newbie blogs I read is great and I want to leave comments on about half her posts… but I get so frustrated with her comment system I don’t. . . and she doesn’t have contact info on her site, so I can’t even contact her and tell her that its Driving. Me. Crazy.

    • http://www.jargonwriter.com Melissa Breau

      Wow – that was a lot longer than I realized.

      • http://marianlibrarian.com Marian Schembari

        I love your long comments :)

    • http://profiles.google.com/kristieprice1 Kristie Price

      Melissa, first, love “Marian’s Musings” thank you for that bit of cleverness. ;) Second, what you shared about design and commenting is spot on. In my (limited) experience, spam comments are few and far between, so no need for all the gates and security locks. If I have to navigate through so many pages and windows just to leave a comment I usually give up halfway through.

      Also, I think if you have excellent content you can sometimes get away with poor design although, as you noted, it’s still frustrating for the reader to look at something so uninspiring. Plus, it seems like there are SO many templates available to bloggers these days that there’s absolutely no need settle for boring/ugly. I mean, even blogger’s template can be edited to look somewhat decent.

      So, all that to say, great comment. I totally agree. Ha! :)

      • http://marianlibrarian.com Marian Schembari

        Yeah, I rarely see a “big blog” use Capcha – though I can’t stand when sites require me to log in. Big or small. Honestly? You’re just creating barriers that means people WON’T comment, which sort of screws you over.

        As for design, I’m almost always immediately turned off by a crap design. That said, I know it’s isn’t a huge deterrent for growing your blog. Hyperbole and a Half, one of the biggest sites on the web, just uses a basic blogger themes. But her content shines an that’s what matters!

      • http://www.3hatscommunications.com/blog/ davinabrewer

        ITA Kristie (Marian too); I just ranted on the ‘registration required’ nonsense, big or small, blog or ‘news’ I stop if I can’t find a simple way to comment.

    • http://marianlibrarian.com Marian Schembari

      OMG YES. MARIAN’S MUSINGS. I love you so hard right now for coming up with that.

      I’m with you on the good about page too. It’s the most read page on any site, so why don’t you spend ages writing and tweaking? Why don’t you sell yourself? It baffles me when bloggers have goals but never verbalize those goals on their site. Rule number one in blogging!!

      • Anonymous

        Marian’s Musings is superb : )

  • http://twitter.com/Incandescere Candace Nicholson

    You know, I’m also surprised at how often I see articles where people won’t link to other blogs or information on the web. Heck, even if it’s just to Wikipedia or Google search terms, link to something. Granted, no one wants to read a piece with 4 or 5 links for every 200 words, but it strikes me as odd that this convenient and often appreciated feature of online journalism goes unused.

    It’s one of the advantages of being apart of a community. You link to others, and maybe when your post triggers an idea for someone else, they’ll link to you. There’s a remarkable ROI going underused there. Especially since it boosts your Google search ranking. I definitely see the pros taking advantage of this concept more than the newbies.

    • http://marianlibrarian.com Marian Schembari

      It’s really weird – I honestly don’t understand it. Blogging is mostly about your readers and if you’re too selfish to be as useful as you can because you’re worried of losing a few readers for a minute, then you shouldn’t be a blogger.

      The thing that cracks me up is how effing EASY it is to make sure you don’t lose readers. Have links open up in a new tab. Install Apture. Honestly folks, do your damn research.

  • http://twitter.com/Albert_Berg Albert Berg

    I was guilty of the third person joke thing.
    Now: Fixed.

    • http://marianlibrarian.com Marian Schembari

      Haha, it totally WAS funny the first time I read it. I guess most bloggers just don’t realize how common of a joke it is ;-)

  • http://www.mycustardpie.com Sally2hats

    Habit 6 drives me mad. If a post starts like that I won’t get past the first few sentances.
    Part of Typepad losing it’s share of of bloggers must be down to the difficulty of leaving a comment.

    • http://marianlibrarian.com Marian Schembari


  • http://twitter.com/kernats3d/status/55716400387457024 Kristen Kernats

    6 Overused Blog Habits That Look Amateurish http://v.zite.com/e3ozJw via @Ziteapp

  • http://twitter.com/camplommer/status/55723300021739520 Cameron Plommer

    6 Overused Blog Habits That Look Amateurish http://t.co/7iHQE00 via @MarianSchembari (What is the plugin you use for sharing via Twitter?)

  • Susan

    Not to be pedantic, but that’s 7 habits, not 6. Does this mean that I can add “not editing well” to things that drive me crazy?

    • http://marianlibrarian.com Marian Schembari

      Guess what? I originally put it down at “9 habits” and the URL for this post still says it! While not editing drives a lot of people crazy, if a blogger is going to post multiple times a week, sometimes mistakes happen. And they definitely happen to the best of us!

      • Anonymous

        Every time I see or hear the word “pedantic” I can’t help but think of Peter Griffin in the episode of Family Guy where he finally wins a game of Trivial Pursuit and therefore comes to believe that he is a genius. He doesn’t realize that Lois “cheated” to help him win. LOL Great episode.

  • Anonymous

    Musing. Probably my biggest pet peeve. If I see that you’re musing, or sharing your musings, I’m not amused.

    Also, the only entity that can say “musing” is the band “Muse.” (“They’ve been called the greatest live band in the world.” That’s what their radio ad said. But they didn’t say “WHO” called them the greatest live band in the world.)

    Finally, who is that in the picture. Both baby and who is holding baby? Curious.

    • http://marianlibrarian.com Marian Schembari

      Ha! I have no idea who’s in the picture. Click on “photo credit” – I got it on Flickr :)

      • Anonymous

        I glossed over the “photo credit” thing at the bottom. Thus proving that
        I went straight for the meaty comments after reading.

        I’d make a comment about it being cold when they shot the photo, but
        it’s probably my imagination.

    • http://www.3hatscommunications.com/blog/ davinabrewer

      I just did the most ‘musing’ style post ever, but in my defense it has purpose, there was a little meat on those bones. IMHO many of Seth Godin’s posts are just that, simple musings that sometimes impress me, others not at all. Guess it depends on the post, if the ‘musing’ rates a ‘publish’ click. FWIW.

      • http://marianlibrarian.com Marian Schembari

        You’re right about Seth Godin – though I’m one of the biggest haters of his blog, so this musings comment just totally furthered my point (IMHO) ;-) Glad you brought it up though! I hadn’t even considered his blog when writing this.

        • http://www.3hatscommunications.com/blog/ davinabrewer

          I don’t hate his stuff (ok, sometimes) but often don’t see the big deal. When you get to that level, I suppose you can get away with such musing. But I know if I wrote some of that, everyone would be asking me “did you mean to hit ‘publish’ or did you miss that ‘draft’ button?” ;-)

  • http://www.ginamarierose.com Gina Villagomez

    I love this. Thank you for always telling it like it is and truly calling people out on their BS. You should definitely make these “lists” posts a feature, because they’re super helpful.

    • http://marianlibrarian.com Marian Schembari

      Now I just need a snazzy name!

      • Anonymous

        How about “No Snazzy Names Please”? I am really glad I came across your blog…HYSTERICAL and Helpful all at the same time….thanks!

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  • http://profiles.google.com/jacqvern Irene Vernardis

    Quote: “If I see one more blog repeating this pattern I might scream. Or call their hosting company.” LOL

    Hope you haven’t visited mine. :D Thank you for a really enjoyable post.

    • http://marianlibrarian.com Marian Schembari

      Haha, thanks so much Irene, I’m glad you liked it!

  • http://thenextmoment.wordpress.com/ MJ

    Oooh, #6 is my biggest pet peeve when I’m reading! Especially when I scroll down and see the last post was actually like four days prior, not a big deal, let’s not talk about it because no one cares that much and just move on!!

    • http://marianlibrarian.com Marian Schembari


  • http://placer-estate-planning.rbillingslaw.com Roger Billings

    Lot’s of useful info here. Thanks.
    Linking other sites is what the Internet is all about, but it’s discouraging when a site that seems exaclty what I am looking for turns out to be nothing but links to other sites. Postings need some original content, if only a sentence or two. I am not talking about blogs that take a niche and summarize the best content in that niche. That is helpful. But blogs of occasional postings that randomly reword some other site and link to it have no reason to exist. Your post, on the other hand, doesn’t hestitate to include your own unique opinions.

    • http://marianlibrarian.com Marian Schembari

      This is a VERY good point, Roger. There’s definitely a line between linking too much and not linking at all. Rule of thumb: Be original, credit the source.

      Thanks for pointing this out!

  • http://twitter.com/gilford6/status/56344841310846976 gilbert mitchell

    RT @elizabethscraig: 7 Overused Blog Habits That Look Amateurish: http://bit.ly/hmZZ3F #writing

  • Anonymous

    This is so helpful…I think I am guilty of only half of these offenses: ) So I will now scrutinize my blogs a little more closely – right now…thanks!

    I had to laugh about the Share Buttons…only because I encouraged a friend to start a blog….and he decided to…turn that blog into ….hmmm…not even sure what to call it…but I have been lecturing him ad nauseam about including share buttons on each individual post…He might have them up by Monday: ) Hopefully he won’t go from zero to 60 buttons in one weekend.

    • http://marianlibrarian.com Marian Schembari

      Yes, definitely less is more in some instances. I’ve found if you give readers too many option they end up not doing anything, which is almost as bad if you don’t give them the option at all!

  • http://www.gloriaoliver.com Gloria Oliver

    What’s funny about linking to other blogs or places is that there’s a very simple way of getting the link to make a NEW WINDOW so they don’t actually leave your site! But most people have no clue. (Though a few blog places give you the option on a drop down.) After you complete your posts and have added the links, click the html button. Look for the code in front of the words you linked. Type in target=_blank” inside the > right before your words. Do a copy on the phrase, and add it to the rest of them. Voila! You’ve done code AND they won’t actually leave you! :P

    Hopefully this will be useful to someone. And get one more thing off the bad list. Hee!

    • http://marianlibrarian.com Marian Schembari

      Exactly! I guess many blogger don’t understand this? I honestly don’t know.

  • http://www.domesticsluttery.com Siany

    I just read one of my favourite blogs who did the opposite of the apology after laptop issues:


    That’s the kind of ‘sorry for the lack of posts’ bit I like. LOVE how excited she is about being able to write again.

    • http://marianlibrarian.com Marian Schembari

      Yes, I love it! I vote it’s okay to talk about your last post if you’re really excited about it :) Plus, that post in particular is less of an apology than most of the blogs I see.

      Thanks for sharing!

  • http://twitter.com/gloriaoliver/status/56450372050485248 Gloria Oliver

    RT @mdbenoit2: RT @elizabethscraig: 7 Overused Blog Habits That Look Amateurish: http://bit.ly/hmZZ3F #writing

  • http://live-your-love.com/ Brankica U

    I just ran into your blog following a link from Troublesome Tots and I have to admit, I am sorry I haven’t seen it before. This post is definitely going into my round up tomorrow. And yes, as soon as I finish that post, I am so gonna snoop around here, seems like a really cool place to visit!!!

    • http://marianlibrarian.com Marian Schembari

      Awww, thanks so much Brankica. It’s great to have you hear! (And thanks for the mention)

  • http://twitter.com/liveurlove/status/56549997294002176 Brankica U

    7 Overused Blog Habits That Look Amateurish — Marian Schembari http://t.co/0NxOpVA via @MarianSchembari

  • http://twitter.com/status/status/ Susie McCray

    7 Overused Blog Habits That Look Amateurish — Marian Schembari http://t.co/w7O7b97 via @MarianSchembari

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  • http://www.3hatscommunications.com/blog/ davinabrewer

    Nice how to list and sadly this applies not just to new bloggers; I’ve been on many a professional’s blog and had to hunt down share buttons, really had to reread the post to see if there was a point, battle captchas and hoops just to comment, all these sorts of fails. On linking, I’ll totally 2nd that and add this one: linking to nothing but your own stuff, post after post. After a while I start to wonder if a blogger ever leaves home so to speak, if they have any way to back up their ideas or are they just in love with their blog so much. IDK, just a peeve. FWIW.

    • http://marianlibrarian.com Marian Schembari

      This is very true – I mentioned an older post I wrote about how “big blogs” are for some reason exempt from the whole linking-out rule. TIME Magazine (online), for one, is horrible about giving credit where it’s due, which drives me crazy.

      I’m not totally adverse to linking to your own stuff – I do it all the time because it helps Google search my blog better, plus, if I’ve written about something before and can’t expand on it in this particular post, I think it’s useful to have a link back. That said, I know what you mean when bloggers do it incessantly. Not really the best impression to make – sort of like it’s only your stuff that’s important.

      • http://www.3hatscommunications.com/blog/ davinabrewer

        I link to my own stuff here and there, but as you say when it’s done incessantly it’s not a good impression; more so for me if that’s all they ever do.

  • http://twitter.com/jolina_joy/status/56785995475062784 Jolina Petersheim

    7 Overused #Blog Habits That Look Amateurish: http://bit.ly/hmZZ3F @elizabethscraig #amwriting #writetip #writing #Blogger #writers #authors

  • http://twitter.com/anthonyreese2/status/56789678858321921 Anthony Reese

    RT @Jolina_Joy: 7 Overused #Blog Habits That Look Amateurish: http://bit.ly/hmZZ3F @elizabethscraig #amwriting #writetip #writing #Blogger #writers #authors

  • http://twitter.com/shakypen/status/56790955218579457 Matthew Holvey

    RT @Jolina_Joy: 7 Overused #Blog Habits That Look Amateurish: http://bit.ly/hmZZ3F @elizabethscraig #amwriting #writetip #writing #Blogger #writers #authors

  • http://twitter.com/michellekobs/status/56832187923824641 MichelleAKobayashi

    RT @elizabethscraig: 7 Overused Blog Habits That Look Amateurish: http://bit.ly/hmZZ3F #writing

  • http://twitter.com/imterrenceking/status/56843383540424704 Terrence(Terry) King

    RT @Jolina_Joy: 7 Overused #Blog Habits That Look Amateurish: http://bit.ly/hmZZ3F @elizabethscraig #amwriting #writetip #writing #Blogger #writers #authors

  • http://billdorman.wordpress.com Bill Dorman

    Hmmmm……good information indeed; hopefully, I’m not stinking it up too bad in any of those categories.

    Yes, I have a blog but it is in its infancy. I’m just testing the waters and want to be more defined in my direction before I start cleaning everything up. So right now it’s pretty much mom & Auntie Barbie but that’s ok; nice and safe for the time being.

    I’m here because of Brankica but I’m trying to stay out of her sights………..I think she is trying to goad me into picking up my game if I want to mix it up w/ the ‘big boys’. Sh*t or get off the pot, huh?

    I’m close and will certainly refer to this post when I start to get serious.

    I enjoyed it and thanks for sharing.

  • http://www.foursides.ca James M

    As someone that writes more of a “musing” blog, I think there is value in blogs like mine if they step outside of a niche and share information that may stimulate people’s imaginations and open them up to new ideas. You can only read so many “blogs about blogging” or focusing in on one niche area to read about when your mind goes a bit numb from different people saying the same thing.

    I tend to link out a lot to other people’s sites. I’m less concerned about people reading my stuff as I am people discovering new and different stuff that is happening around us. There are important ideas being discussed that may be going missed.

    I like the rest of your points, though, and they are all valid. I’m going to look over my site and make sure I don’t break any of them.

    Oh, and about the social sharing buttons… you have two “Tweet” buttons on the floating sidebar, and then one on the top right of the post. A slight oversight, I guess?

    • http://marianlibrarian.com Marian Schembari

      There’s nothing wrong with a musings STYLE blog, it’s the word “musings” that drives me insane. There are a million blogs out there that use this word and in my opinion (my opinion only), there are more creative ways to articulate what it is you write about. Plus, it’s almost always new bloggers that use this word. I’ve never seen a professional or highly regarded blog generalize there content in that way.

      And I’m glad you’re linking out! I’m totally with you on helping people discovering new content. People need to be less scared about readers leaving their site. Trying to force them to stay isn’t going to make it any better.

      As for my share button, no, not an oversight. I have two Facebook share buttons too! After the two years I’ve been blogging, I’ve noticed people are lazy. The share button in the sidebar means they don’t need to scroll up or down to find the right button to click. The reason I have the Twitter button at the top is because I like folks to get an initial impression on how my content is “trending” right away without having to click on the post itself to see the share button. Don’t worry, I do think things through before posting anything on this site ;-)

      Hope that clears things up!

  • http://courtcan.com Courtney Cantrell

    Marian, thanks very much for this list! My blog is only a few months old, so I really appreciate tips like this. I’m especially curious as to how my readers work with sharing buttons (Habit #4). So I’m asking them. : )

  • http://twitter.com/ManOfLaBook Zohar

    Great advice Marian. My beef with blogs is when someone doesn’t make it easy to follow. I don’t want to work in order to find the RSS feed or Twitter link.

  • Kate

    Great advice, as always! I will never apologize again! :) (Now that you mention it, I notice it everywhere!)

    I linked this in my “Friday Five” over at Kate’s Library. Hope you have a great weekend!

  • http://baja-greenawalts-cozybooknook.blogspot.com/ Lesa

    Oh yes– that apology thing has always grated on my nerves– like fingernails on a chalkboard!

  • http://www.workadayreads.com Sarah

    This is a great list. I hate the apologies too. Instead of cluttering up my reader with apologies for not posting, I’d rather you just put out a read-worthy post.

    That being said, I have a Ramblings blog. But it matches my book blog title: Workaday Ramblings and Workaday Reads.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the tips!!!! I’m definitely a newbie.. Going to change the ‘Hi I’m Chris’ RIGHT NOW!!! LOL

    • http://mycurrentnewsblog.com/ janice wald

      I wanted to click the like button. I advise bloggers!

  • http://twitter.com/shakirahdawud/status/69091381141962752 T. Shakirah Dawud

    RT @MarianSchembari: 6 Overused Blog Habits That Look Amateurish http://bit.ly/g5vtvD

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  • Anonymous

    Lol! I’ve done the Apology thing on my blog once or twice but I do cause for some of my friends back then my blog was the only way to keep in touch so when I came back after a long untold vanishing act I left a msg stating why and where I been xD

    I like your list though xD

  • http://www.facebook.com/Unimatrix02 Raymond Van Velzen

    I guess I’m guilty of #4, with the sharing icons. I mean, who can resist AddThis? :-P All those nice free services, so easy to implement…!

    Well, I read that the more icons you put the less people are likely to share, somehow, and your advice is in line with that, so I I’ll bring out the icon cutter to reduce the clutter :-).

    Another bad habit I’d like to add to this list would be the blogs where the name, description and actual content don’t match at all, the “Mixed Bag of Mediocrity” we could call it.

  • http://www.mehulkar.com mehulkar

    What? you don’t want to read my musings? What if they’re amusing musings? confusing musings? you might have to scream if you saw my blog then. and then you might have to write an accusing musing.

    • http://marianlibrarian.com Marian Schembari

      Yup. This is the best comment EVER.

      • http://www.mehulkar.com mehulkar

        to write is to remain human, to muse is pursue the divine.
        musing entails questioning and wondering and wandering and learning and discovering and understanding and struggling and settling and losing and finding and… run on sentences. 

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  • http://mycurrentnewsblog.com/ janice wald

    Great article. I am linking back to it in my post. By the way, did anyone get offended? I am writing the importance of a niche at the request of a reader. I’m worried I’ll offend a good friend who has Musings in her tagline.

    • http://marianlibrarian.com Marian Schembari

      Hi Janice!

      Great question — I don’t think anyone got offended, though I’m sure someone who uses “musings” in their tagline might feel defensive. People like what they like and while it’s not my cup of tea (I don’t feel like it says anything specific and it’s not very original), that doesn’t mean it absolutely can’t work for someone else :)

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