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Do You Write 750 Words Per Day?

by Marian Schembari on July 18, 2011

Because almost every website I know and love has been found via Twitter, it’s no surprise my new obsession was due to a tweet by my new pal, Amy.

I’ve heard of writing 750 words per day via my college roommate and her obsession with The Artist’s Way, but I could never really get into it. Mostly because I hand write slowly and, like most people, I lose incentive over time.

Enter the super cool website, 750 Words, a place that’s “private, unfiltered, spontaneous, daily”.

I sat down to write my first “entry” and the words flew by. It’s sort of depressing, but I’m more used to typing than writing by hand. And while I love gorgeous journals and there’s nothing more inspiring than a blank page and subsequent book filled with your scribblings, it’s much more sustainable to journal-write online than in a book.

But the real treat came after writing that first entry.

I got points!

And stats!

At work, we’ve been talking about gamification (yes, it’s a real word), and how the concept of point systems and prizes, even if entirely virtual, can make a campaign. I won’t bore you with the details here, but it’s hugely inpisiring and Buster, the guy behind 750 Words, has got this strategy down pat.

You get points for every entry you write, which further convinces you to write. You can see a calendar with days checked off for when you’ve participated, and you get rewarded for every post with stats about your entry!

Instead of writing a paragraph on the cool features, check out the pretty graphs for my first entry:

It get’s better….

Apparently I’m really concerned with food. And myself. Surprise, surprise.

To top it all off, you get a list of most-used words. Keep in mind I’ve chosen the day with the “cleanest” language:

I couldn’t love this site more. It’s easy to use, you get badges and geeky info and it’s pretty. Plus, you get daily email reminders, which has guilted me into participating when I’m not in the mood.

I’ve done it four times now (though not in a row) and I’m already feeling like I’ve not only accomplished something, but had two epiphanies while writing. Something about being able to get your words out fast has such an impact on what comes out.

While I was singing it’s praises to a friend, she mentioned another, similar site, that deletes your words if you don’t write fast enough (can’t for the life of me remember the name). How awesome for when you’re on deadline? Anyone else tried this site or make a habit of writing 750 words a day?

(Note: I haven’t been paid or harassed into promoting it, I’m just in love.)

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  • Emily Suess

    I love this! How have I not heard of it before now?

    • Marian Schembari

      Right?! That’s exactly how I felt! So glad I’m on it now :)

  • Ishana

    I’ll try this out, thanks for sharing it. I think the other site that deletes your words is called Write or Die. I’ve never used it myself but know a few people who do use it.

    • Marian Schembari

      Yes! Write or Die, thank you! While it’s a little intense for every day use, I definitely think it could be useful during a deadline or when you have writer’s block.

  • Matt Taylor

    I’ve used 750 words once before but didn’t try out all the features, the mindset and feelings stats look very awesome. Though there’s a part of me that is saying PRIVACY PRIVACY PRIVACY.

    • Marian Schembari

      It’s totally awesome! And like one commenter said, addicting :)

      I have the privacy thing in mind all the time when I write, but at the end of the day, no one cares about how I haven’t been running enough or being stressed at work. It’s more likely someone would read my “real” diary since it’s in plain site than hack into my 750 words account. At the end of the day though, you sort of have to be okay with putting your stuff out there… just in case ;-)

  • Marian Schembari

    Do You Write 750 Words Per Day?

  • stephauteri

    I had already seen a tweet about, but @marianschembari's latest post has me intrigued: #writing

  • Glynnis O’Donoghue

    Do You Write 750 Words Per Day?

  • Miranda Ward

    This is a great site! I started using it last year, and something about the visualisation of the stats makes it seriously addictive. I was talking to a friend about this recently – it’s interesting how compelling it can be to see a statistical representation of something you’re doing, even if that representation isn’t strictly speaking useful.

    • Marian Schembari

      It is addictive! We were just talking about “gamification” at work and how prizes and visualizing things can make them (even boring stuff) so much more appealing. The stats at the end of each post definitely make me want to write more!

  • Becs

    This sounds awesome. I am so joining. The reason I started my travel website, was to give myself motivation in writing again, as I hadn’t really done much since high school (college was blah and I never wrote for fun, so I don’t count that time). I love stream of consciousness typing.

    The second site you mentioned would depress me! Erase my words because I am not writing fast enough?! Scary!!

    • Marian Schembari

      You should! I’m so in love…

      I totally hear you on getting yourself to write again. It’s hard, especially if you do it for other people. This is why I love  750 so much. Because it’s only for me, but it’s faster than a journal. And it’s weird, I find that after writing I’m not burned out, so I’ve been blogging more! Neat little side effect.

      The second site is called Write or Die. And it’s definitely intense, but good motivation for people on a deadline! You can change the options to fit your writing speed and there are probably ways to work around it, but I think it’s a clever idea.

  • Esther Goh

    RT @marianschembari: Do You Write 750 Words Per Day?

  • Emily Lu

    This looks awesome – anyone else try this before? 750 words a day via @marianschembari : #thinkingaboutwriting

  • Marian Schembari

    Do you like stats? And graphs? Do you like COLORED graphs? Then this post is for you:

  • KeriLynn Engel

    Interesting! RT @MarianSchembari: Do you like stats? And graphs? Do you like COLORED graphs? Then this post is for you:

  • Sara Bacon

    Great post by @marianschembari Do You Write 750 Words Per Day?

  • Tari Lynn Jewett

    I’ll have to check this out! I also love to write by hand. In fact, almost the entire manuscript of my WIP is written by hand..then I got some unexpected motivation and had to work faster, so the end is typed!! Glad to see I’m not alone there…..

    • Marian Schembari

      I love the idea of writing by hand. I love empty notebooks and filling them up with my crappy handwriting. In practice though, it’s so much faster, easier and sustainable to do it on 750words. And I’ve been keeping it up for two weeks, which is more than I can say for the journal that hasn’t been updated since July 2009.

  • Nina Pelletier

    I’ve been doing it since the beginning of July, I’ve made a scrapbook out of my entries! Gotta love it.

    • Marian Schembari

      Wow, that is so cool! What’s a brilliant idea, I might just steal it :)

  • Kim Humes

    Wow, what a cool tool! Will definitely check it out RT @MarianSchembari: Do You Write 750 Words Per Day?

  • Desi

    This is the coolest thing ever.  And I love you.

    • Marian Schembari

      I love YOU! And I knew you’d love this :)

  • Elizabeth S Craig

    Do You Write 750 Words Per Day? #amwriting @marianschembari

  • Catherine Johnson

    RT @elizabethscraig Do You Write 750 Words Per Day? #amwriting @marianschembari Yes! phew

  • Sharon Holly

    Do You Write 750 Words Per Day? #amwriting @marianschembari

  • Vijayendra Mohanty

    RT @MarianSchembari: Do You Write 750 Words Per Day?

  • Shweta S V

    RT @MarianSchembari: Do You Write 750 Words Per Day?

  • Treyz Social Media

    hi Marian

    I LOVE 750Words, Buster Benson runs it and it’s so neat! I just got my first FLOCK yesterday and I’m on a 67 day streak! I am gunning for that phoenix, and then, who knows, a space bird? It totally is gamification of the journaling process, but that’s okay, because for me, it keeps me writing every day. I have no trouble with blog posts now. And it keeps me on track with my next book, 3-D Reputation Engine, too! It’s so fun! Glad to see you’ve found it and are turning other people onto it. I turned my friend Sabrina onto it and she says that it illustrates a Permaculture Principle, which is “Obtain a yield.” Not something you can do with regular journaling. So I think that’s part of the reason it’s so satisfying.

    what do you think?


  • Jayme Allen

    Do You Write 750 Words Per Day? #amwriting @marianschembari

  • Brankica | How to blog

    Almost missed this post. This is so cool. I just registered and can’t wait to try it out. 

    I am at the moment seeking ways to kinda control my ADHD …oh a butterfly… and start being more productive. Although I work from home, or better said, don’t do anything all day long, I get less done that people with 9-5 jobs and kids. 

    I am going to use this to try and create some type of habit, cause if there is something that can push me forwards its winning and how better to win than get a bunch of points ;)

  • Brankica U

    Best thing after sliced bread >> RT @MarianSchembari: Do You Write 750 Words Per Day?

  • Amy Cartwright

    Do You Write 750 Words Per Day?

  • Steve LeBlanc

    Yes Marian, I love this site too. I found it about 6 months ago, I think while I was working on my NaNoWriMo novel. Based on this article you wrote, it seems as though they have added more “gamification “. Personally I’m not easily inspired by that. But I am by the basic idea. I loved Artist Way and keep a Morning Pages journal most every day, but I do it in a paper notebook. I like the feel of it. And I prefer not to turn on my PC in the mornings, my peaceful time. 

    But I was just thinking about and wanting to return to it. I love the idea of wild writing, about anything and everything, even when it does not have to make sense. I tend to be far too logical. Wild writing is great break from character now and then. I’d delighted that you love it too, and that you did this great article.

    Been a long time since I’ve been to your site, but was thinking how great your article was: 
    How to Leave the Best Comment


  • Steve LeBlanc

    Do You Write 750 Words Per Day? Great write up of by @MarianSchembari I love that site.

  • Adrian Chira

    Do You Write 750 Words Per Day?

  • Szabo Horia

    Do You Write 750 Words Per Day?

  • Adrian Chira

    Do You Write 750 Words Per Day?

  • Adrian Chira

    Do You Write 750 Words Per Day?

  • Pablo Roux

    Do You Write 750 Words Per Day?

  • Marian Schembari

    @kimberlykinrade I wrote a post about is last week. It's AMAZING:

  • Nicole

    Such a great site/concept/use of gamification. I had not thought of using it for a dissertation, though! Your friend is brilliant. My mom is a total procrastinator (thanks for that trait, mom…) getting ready to start her dissertation. She’s a little slow with technology but that site is so darn easy to use that I’m sure she could take to it. Thanks for the uncommon use suggestion!

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  • SydneyWritersCentre

    Do you write 750 words a day?

  • ashleyzeldin

    Do you write 750 words a day?

  • MC

    Do you write 750 words a day?

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