Why hello there good lookin’. Thanks for stopping by!

My name, if you can’t tell, is Marian Schembari. But you can call me Marian. I’m your friendly neighborhood blogger for this evening and I hope you brought me cake.

This blog began with humble(ish) beginnings – as a way to market myself to employers, starting with a Facebook ad as an attempt to get a job in publishing. It worked like a charm, but the creativity of working for myself was much more fun. While this blog may have started as a career move, I keep it going out of love. So sometimes I’ll write about social media, other times I’ll write about my travels or my dog or how much I miss Autumn in New England. What can I say, niche is for wussies.

And who am I, you ask? I’m a 22 23 24 25 26 27 28-year-old (ohmygod I’ve been blogging for a long time) broad who hails from Connecticut, went to college in North Carolina, studied abroad in London, moved to New York after graduation, then back to London. Then I moved to Auckland, New Zealand, where the sheep outnumber the people, the grass is neon green and the coffee changed my life.

After two years, I left Auckland for San Francisco, where I spent my time working in the marketing department of two wonderful startups. I have since ventured back into the world to devote my time to my one true love, writing. I also got hitched and live in Germany. Long story

That would be me to the right, but my hair rarely looks like that nice. I usually have a lion’s mane an old boyfriend once referred to as “poop brown.” He was a keeper, clearly.

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