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Hi! I’m Marian Schembari. I’m a writer, storyteller and brainstorm partner. I’m based in Germany, but left my heart in San Francisco, New Zealand, London and New York.

Part of my heart belongs to the internet, too. I believe in the internet’s power to invite a real, deep look into our own unique stories and our feelings about them.

Feelings matter

If I’ve learned one thing from my near-decade of blogging, it’s that the only way to connect is to confess. I’m not talking about creepy oversharing—I mean marrying the magical, confusing, inspiring world of the internet with the honest, often-boring, sometimes-inspiring truth that comes from curling up on the couch with your best friends.

So this blog is the slumber party I wish we could have. I imagine us wrapped in the lopsided knit blankets I made during my crafting phase, holding a mug of hot chocolate and Bailey’s.

Sometimes I write about how my husband and I manage our money (hint: what’s mine is not his). Other times I write about my struggles with being an expat or recovering from the dark side of my high school sweetheart. Sometimes the stories are funny. Sometimes I’m trying not to get tears on my keyboard as I write. 

Work matters

I love my work, and am fascinated by how our work impacts our lives—especially women’s lives.

When I’m not writing about my feelings, I’m helping women build brilliant and fun marketing plans for their business. From brainstorming content ideas to answering hard-hitting questions like “Do I really need a Facebook page?” and “Please don’t make me look at Google Analytics anymore,” I’ll have you confidently connecting with customers in less time that it would take to Google “What should I tweet?” Learn more about creating your very own marketing plan.

My story, in a series of random facts

I’m originally from small-town Connecticut. I love traveling, but am still haunted by the bittersweet beauty of autumn in New England.

I grew up in an Italian/Puerto Rican family. If you are what you eat, I’m still half empanadillas and half meatballs.

I was published Highlights for Kids when I was 11 years old. It was a poem about dragons. Alas, that particular literary masterpiece is lost to the ages.

I hate inspirational quotes. I love the detail, texture and actionable information that can only come with personal stories.

I’m obsessed with coloring books and can easily spend hours coloring while listening to storytelling podcasts like Risk, The Moth and Mystery Show.

The story of how I used Facebook ads to land my first job in 2009 was featured in TIME, Real Simple and on CNN. Since then, I’ve worked with brands like HarperCollins, Thumbtack and Couchsurfing. My real passion is working with individual women, helping them create simple and effective marketing plans that remind them why they started a business in the first place.

Traditional always-be-closing marketing grosses me out, but I’ve seen how marketing done right can feel good and grow your business like gangbusters. I love jamming with creative women and helping them connect with their perfect customer.

I’m addicted to Fox’s jam biscuits.

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