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Guest Posts

The Photography Parlour — Marketing Money: 5 Ways Photographers Can Use LinkedIn

Social Media NZ Foursquare for Book Publishers

Area 224 So You Really Wanna Write a Book? Chapter 4

Redhead Writing The Truth About Location Independence

Domestic Sluttery Marian Schembari’s Three-Minute Pie Crust

Men with Pens Are You Afraid of Connecting First?

The Photography Parlour Marketing Monday: Twitter for Photographers

The Skool of Life Social Media Lessons Taught By My 26-Hour Incarceration

Twenty-Something Travel The Secret Veggie Meals of London

Ask Aaron Lee Why You Need a Kick Ass Twitter Background

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iGrad When Your Resume Isn’t Enough

Corn on the Job –Get Social, Get Positive, Get a Job

Ms Career GirlStop Searching, Start Working

Personal Branding 101 Why Employers Love Bad Girls & Boys

Digital Book World

How Publishers Can Build Their Own Communities

If you’re reading this on the Digital Book World web site, it’s highly likely you “get” social media. You understand that you can’t have a book without a web site; an author without a web presence; or a publisher without a Twitter handle. But it’s not just about signing up for the latest social media tool…” Read the rest of the article here.

Is Niche the Key to Publishing Survival?

“Harlequin. Hay House. Osprey. Chelsea Green. Few people are unfamiliar with Harlequin and the success they’ve had in the romance genre, both in print and ebooks, but the other three publishers share one very important thing in common with them: an amazing handle on their respective niches…” Read the rest of the article here.

DBW Profile: Pablo Defendini, Catalyst and Innovator

“Interviewing some of the digitally savvy minds in publishing (starting with the advisory board of Digital Book World’s brand-spanking-new community) has been intimidating to say the least; a group of publishing dinosaurs they are not…” Read the rest of the interview here.

We the ‘Bistro

How to Pitch – 5 Mistakes To Avoid

“Instead of honing in on the right person, publicists often just blindly email press releases – here are five mistakes to avoid and ensure you get a response…” Read the rest of the post here.

Publishing Trends

How To Get A Job In Publishing

“I really wanted to get into publishing. Never mind that the industry is slowly dying, the economy sucks, I had zero experience and the pay is (and always will be) crap. No, I’m a book lover, and in my naïve—but enthusiastic—mindset, I thought that was all I needed…” Read the rest of the post here.

The Glass Hammer

Top 10 Global Locations for Executive Women

“We can’t think of anything better for a woman than travel. And as a professional woman, what better way to experience the world than to become an expat? The cultural experiences alone are enough to make us want to hop on the next plane to Amsterdam, but the added bonus of enhancing your resume makes it even more tempting…” Read the rest of the article here

Professional Women Choosing to Remain Childless

“In the past ten years, the number of women who choose to remain childless has practically doubled. According to an article published last month in the Telegraph, the tides are turning as it used to be poverty and low marriage rates that contributed to childlessness. Today, women with higher education, social class and professional qualifications are more likely to actively choose not to have children…” Read the rest of the article here

Top 10 Professional Networks for Women in Finance

“The great thing about being a woman in a man’s world is that it brings us closer together. The glass ceiling is difficult and annoying, but women in finance are so scarce that the connections made with each other are usually strong and supportive…” Read the rest of the article here

New York vs. London: Which is the Best City for Executive Women?

“Both London and New York are, without question, bustling cultural centers with amazing diversity and a lack of cheap parking. And, because both are considered the world’s predominant financial centers, home to the largest corporations and professional service firms in the world, an epic battle continues to rage on as to which is really the best, the most welcoming, and the easiest to live and work for professional women…” Read the rest of the article here

The Davidsonian

Embrace Diversity

“A story has been floating around campus concerning an unfortunate incident involving a tour, a guide and an unhappy parent. An email was sent to the tour coordinator, Dave Mabe, not too long ago from said parent essentially tearing the program a new one. This parent was offended by the mention of Elise Elrod, the transgendered reverend who recently spoke here…” Read the rest of the article here.

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