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One Awesome Kickstarter Campaign

by Marian Schembari on April 28, 2012

One of my best friends ever, Thana, launched her first Kickstarter campaign last week. She’s one rockin’ songstress and I’ve heard this girl sing her little heart out since she was ten years old. And now? She’s about to record her first album.

Today, she reached 50% of her funding goal. And I want to help get her the rest of the way there.

Not only would her record be a great gift to the world (I’ve already heard one of her songs, Ghost Hawk, which was written for her late brother, Niki), but she’s compiled some of the most creative, generous gifts for her backers. She’s offering up everything from a private concert to drum lessons with the great Antonio Sanchez. It’s one of the best Kickstarter campaigns I’ve ever seen and it’s clear she’s put her heart and soul into the project.

So do the world a favor! Give a little love to Thana here on Kickstarter. Both she and I would be enormously grateful.



Lessons from KONY 2012 (and a message from Ryan Gosling)

March 20, 2012

I was a little late jumping on the Kony bandwagon. Mostly because a 30-minute YouTube video is my idea of torture, but also because, even if you make your living attempting to understand and abuse social media, it’s surprisingly easy to let things fall through the cracks. When I finally did sit down to watch […]

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The Next Step for Bloggers

June 27, 2011

A few months ago one of my favorite bloggers launched an online show where she’d try out different fitness classes in the Orlando area. But she wasn’t just putting on this show herself, she was doing it through a relatively new company called Izon Orlando. A site CEO Will Rodriguez calls his “love affair” with […]

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Please (for the love of GOD) stop using the retweet button!

October 25, 2010

About once per week I send out a tweet that looks something like this: “Please, for the love of GOD, stop using the retweet button!” Hence, the name of this post. I try to explain the person you’re retweeting probably won’t see that you’ve mentioned them. I try to explain that’s half the point of […]

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I made a commercial and it’s awesome

October 7, 2010

Happy Thursday everyone! Just wanted to do a quick update today and show you the very pretty “demo reel” I put together to advertise the new Critique My Profile services. Watch and let me know what you think (make sure you go through to the end though, that’s my favorite part)! – While this week’s […]

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